Reflex Driver


What is Reflex Driver?

Reflex Driver is an Android app that does two things well: It allows you to test and graph your reflexes. It also contains a simple reflex game that you can play with another opponent.

Why can't I see hourly data in the in-app graph?

Given the limitations of small-screen phones, choices had to be made. We believe it is more informative to show average progress over a period of days rather than over-complicate the graph with every data point. However, all the data is in the database and you can export that as a CSV file or SQLite database file.

I swear I had better times than what shows on the graph!

First, don't swear. Second, that's not a question. But here's what is happening:

ReflexDriver throws out the top and bottom 10 percent of the data to eliminate lucky guesses and moments of distraction. However, all the data remains available in the internal database (if you have clicked on the "save" option) and you can export this at any time.